News Review—Astronomers discover 7 Earth-sized planet


BBC News—Astronomers discover 7 Earth-sized planet

Astronomer have detected a record seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a single star.
The researchers says that all seven could potentially support liquid water on the surface, depending on the other properties of those planets. But, only three are within the conventional “habitable” zone where life is considered a possibility. This three planet is close enough and far enough to the star. So, the 7 planets called Earth-like planets because they look like the earth (composition, mass, and size).

The compact system of exoplanets orbits Trappist-1, a low-mass, cool star located 40 light-years away from Earth. So, if we want to go there with the rockets that we have now, it takes 700.000 years.

The planets are all close to each other and very close to the star, which is very reminiscent of the moons around Jupiter. The star is so small and cold that the seven planets are temperate, which means that they could have some liquid water and maybe life.

Many planets have been discovered in planetary systems beyond our own that it's easy to become inured to their potential significance. Nasa's latest tally is an impressive 3,449 and there's a danger of hype with each new announcement.

But the excitement around this latest discovery is not only because of its unusual scale or the fact that so many of the planets are Earth-sized. It is also because the star Trappist-1 is conveniently small and dim. This means that telescopes studying the planets are not dazzled as they would be when aiming at far brighter stars.

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        I.            PERSONAL INFORMATION
Name                    : Adeline Alika Putri Marwah
Address                 : 196 Pearl St, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
Place of Birth        : Bandung
Date of Birth         : August 7th , 2001
Gender                  : Female
Nationality                        : Indonesia
Contact                  : +6281313406677
E-mail                    :

      II.            EDUCATION
·         2016-2018 : 3 Senior High School Bandung
·         2018-2022 : National University of Singapore (NUS), Department of Architecture, School of Design and Environment
·         2022-2027 : Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), School of Architecture and Planning

    III.            WORK EXPERIENCE
·         Architect at Bjarke Ingels Group
·         Interior Designer at Shelley & Co. Interior Design
    IV.            ACHIEVEMENT
·         Winner of Built Projects & Masterplans Competition , 2A Europe Architecture Award 2019
·         1st Winner of Competition Announcement (Student Competitions), HELMA 1st  edition  “Architecture in Sport Facilities Design AWARD” 2020
·         A|N Best of Design Awards 2025
·         2nd winner of Yisabu Dokdo Memorial Park International Competition 2026
      V.            LANGUAGE
·         Indonesia : Excellent
·         English : Very Good
·         German : Good
·         Japanese : Good        

This is an example of a Curriculum Vitae with fake informations

Movie Review : Trolls


Trolls is a 2016 American 3D computer-animated musical adventure romantic comedy film based on the Troll dolls created by Thomas Dam. The film was directed by Mike Mitchell and co-directed by Walt Dohrn, written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger and based on a story by Erica Rivinoja. The film features the voices of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, Russell Brand, James Corden and Gwen Stefani. The film revolves around two trolls on a quest to save their village from destruction by the Bergens, creatures who eat trolls.
The 33rd animated feature film produced by DreamWorks Animation, the film premiered on October 8, 2016, at the BFI London Film Festival and was theatrically released in the United States on November 4, 2016, by 20th Century Fox. The film received generally positive reviews from critics and has grossed over $339 million worldwide against its $125 million budget. The film received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song for "Can't Stop the Feeling!".

The Trolls are small creatures who live in an almost perpetual state of happiness, singing, dancing, and hugging all day long. However, they are discovered by the Bergens, large creatures who never feel happy, but discover that they can feel happy for a moment, if they devour a Troll. The Bergen put the Trolls and their tree in a cage, and hold an annual festival, in which each Bergen gets its feeling of happiness, by eating a Troll. However, the Trolls, led by their King Peppy, escape through underground tunnels on the day that Prince Gristle Jr. would eat his first Troll. The furious Bergen King Gristle Sr. banishes his Chef who was in charge of the Troll preparation.
20 years later, King Peppy's daughter, the extremely happy and optimistic troll Princess Poppy, throws a big party to celebrate the Trolls' escape, despite the fears and warnings of the grey, grumpy, glum troll, Branch, that loud parties will attract the Bergens. Branch's fears become true when the banished Bergen Chef sees the fireworks and captures a number of Trolls. Poppy is among the Trolls who manage to hide, but discovers that none of the other Trolls dare to venture to Bergen Town to rescue their friends. She goes by herself, but gets trapped by several spider-like creatures. She is saved by the reluctant Branch, and together they go to Bergen Town.

Poppy and Branch discover that their friends are being guarded by the Scullery Maid Bridget, and strike a deal with her: If she frees their friends, they will help her get a date with King Gristle. While setting her up for the date, Branch reveals that he is not happy, because he caused his grandmother to be killed after Chef found him, because of his singing. After his grandmother was killed, he blamed himself, and turned from blue to grey. Later with the Trolls' advice (and hair), Bridget gets her date with Gristle (with her using the fake name "Lady Glitter Sparkles") at a roller rink and arcade restaurant, and Bridget helps the Trolls escape. However, things go wrong when Poppy and her friends try to rescue the last Troll, the Zen-like Troll Creek, who after being apparently swallowed by the young king, has been discovered being held captive in the jewel that decorates the king's mantle.
While the Trolls are successful in stealing the jewel, they are dismayed to discover that it is empty and even more shocked by being captured immediately afterward by Chef and discovering that Creek has betrayed them, to save himself. Creek returns to the Troll village where using Poppy's cowbell, he lures the other Trolls out of hiding, letting them be captured by Chef and the other Bergen cooks, who lie in ambush. With all the Trolls being put into a pot, captured and soon to be served to the Bergens, Poppy loses hope as she and all the other Trolls turn grey. Branch, despite his typical grumbling, sings for the first time since his grandmother was killed, and reveals to Poppy through song that he confesses his love for Poppy, to her surprise. She sings back, and restores his blue color while both trolls danced around the pot, they profess their love for each other, then they both share a hug.
Just before being served, the Trolls are rescued by Bridget who wants them to flee while she herself is ready to accept the Bergens' punishment for her "treason." However, Poppy does not want to abandon her Bergen friend. Together with the other Trolls, Poppy reveals that Bridget was, in fact, Lady Glitter Sparkles, and that, for being happy, it is not necessary to eat Trolls as the feeling that Bridget and the King had on their date was happiness too.

The Trolls invite the Bergen to sing and dance with them, making the gray creatures feel the happiness that was already inside them, that they just needed help to access. The vengeful Chef, who sees her position at court jeopardized, tries to kill the Trolls. Before she can do so, she is knocked into the serving cart by a well-aimed spoon, by Bridget. Together with Creek who was still in her pouch, DJ Suki and Smidge squirt lemons at Chef's eyes, Chef gets tripped by Satin and Chenille, and Chef rolls out of the castle with the cart set on fire by Cooper.
In the end, the Trolls live in peace with the happy Bergens, Poppy is crowned their new queen, she and Branch both share a romantic hug.

In the mid-credits, the serving cart with a burnt Chef and Creek on it stopping on a hill in the middle of nowhere. Chef tries to eat Creek until he stops her, and they both get eaten by a hill-shaped monster.


Thato’s Birthday Surprise


Thato has a wonderful birthday surprise coming... what could it be?

It is one week until Thato's birthday. That's seven whole days!!

His mama says : "Your birthday present will be a BIG suprise!!"
Thato wonders : what will it be?

On Monday Thato thinks: "Maybe I will get giant wings so I can fly high in the sky like a bird..."
On Tuesday Thato thinks: "Maybe I will have a birthday cake as big as a house!"

On Wednesday Thato thinks: " Maybe I will get a rocket ship to whizz up to the moon."
On Thursday Thato thinks: "Maybe I will get fins so I can swim under the water like a fish."
On Friday Thato thinks: "Maybe I will get magic soccer boots and score a thousand goals!"
On Saturday Thato thinks: "Maybe I will get a key that opens a box filled with treasure!"
On Sunday it is Thato's birthday. Mama smiles and says: 
"Come and see your suprise!"
It is the best present ever. Thato's big brother Kudzai has come to visit all the way from the big city!
Thato smiles and smiles and his big brother lifts him up in the air and hugs him.

Kudzai asks: "What do you want to do for your birthday, little brother?"
And Thato know exactly what they will do the whole day long


Turritopsis dohrnii


Hello everyone! Have you ever heard about the immortal jellyfish? If your answer is no, then I will introduce its special ability and a part of its life to you!

Turritopsis dohrnii is a biologically immortal jellyfish. They originate from the Mediterranean Sea as this immortal jellyfish prefer warmer waters, but some are also found in cold waters. Their diet consists of plankton, fish eggs, and small mollusks. There is no answer to the oldest immortal jellyfish. None of it has been observed in a laboratory in an extended period of time. But one certain fact is they do die.
 Turritopsis dohrnii
Turritopsis dohrnii’s life started with fertilisation. In this step, eggs and sperm released by mature jellyfish meet. Then it will grow into a planula, the free swimming tiny larvae that is a bit like a miniature flattened pear. This planula will attach itself to a solid surface, the planula develops a mouth and tentacles. And then it turns into a polyp. Adult Turritopsis dohrnii can return to this stage of development through cell transdifferentiation. After that, it turns into budding polyp. The polyp reproduces asexsually by dividing in half repeatedly to produce genetically identical copies. And then it grows into ephyra. Segments detach from the polyp and drift off into the sea. The seventh step is juvenile. Over a few weeks or months, the young Jellyfish matures into an adult. It reaches sexual maturity, the Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish has the option of reverting to the polyp stage.

The Life  Cycle of Turritopsis dohrnii

It has two shapes of body during its life, the medusae and the polyp. The medusae of T. dohrnii is bell-shaped with a diameter of about 4.5 mm. the jelly in its wall is thin except for some thickening at the apex. The bright red part of the body is the stomach which walls are also the gonads of female medusae, used for the development of eggs. In this phase, it uses tenteacles to swim. Young specimens of T. dohrnii have 8 tentacles while adult have 80 until 90 tentacles. Its other stage of life is the polyp form or hydroid. It consists of stolons and upright branches that can absorb food and produce medusae buds.

The Medusae of Turritopsis dohrnii

When it is injured or starving it will attach itself to a surface in warm water and turn into a sort of living blob. It is called transdifferentiation. Transdifferentiation is a process wherein cells will turn into different kinds of cells. For example, muscle cells can turn into egg or sperm cells, and nerve cells turn into muscle cells. This transformation powers that have never been seen and unmatched in the animal kingdom.

Even though T. dohrnii is biologically immortal, they won’t be able to populate the whole earth since they can be eaten by predators. Moreover, transdifferentiation can only be started if they have reached maturity. If they starve or get sick as polyps, they don’t regenerate and therefore they die. 

Its cell development method of transdifferentiation has inspired scientists to find a way to make stem cells using this process for renewing damaged or dead tissue in humans.

That's all about Turritopsis dohrnii, are you interested to find one?

Thank you for reading! :)) 

AMANDA'S Birthday❣


Hello everybodyyy!👋 Today I will tell you about my friend's birthday. Her name is Amanda Mirasherly. And her birthday is on October 24th 2016. Yes, I know, this is a latepost. I've been so busy hehe.😋

In Monday (october 24th), my friends(adila, nadillah, sylva, and bara) and I, had been prepared all the things for Amanda's birthday. We planned that we will suprising her after school. But, all the teachers tell us that we must watching the closing of Peparnas 2016. So, we can't suprising her today.

After we watched the closing of Peparnas, we went to BIP (Bandung Indah Plaza) and gave Amanda a flower! She looked so happy. But, I know, she's hoping that we gave her more than this.

We planned again, that we will suprising her on Tuesday. But, unfortunatelly, Amanda must do a Piano test. So, we can't suprising her again.😢

Andd FINALLYYY!! On wednesday, we CAN suprising her.
First, we prepared to suprising her after school. We go to BIP to bought a Dino Donuts, a gift, and a candles!

In school, Amanda and Nadillah will go for Lintas Minat. So, it's the good time for us to prepared at class. We put the ballons and the gift on the floor, and we go to the back, and hiding. After waiting for a minute, finally Amanda and Nadillah come to the class. Amanda is really shocked to see that, and then we jump and run to Amanda with the donuts in our hands while sang happy birthday song to Amanda. She looked so happy.

After that, we take a picture, and go to Daniel.

Well guysss, that is the story of Amanda's birthday supriseee!
After that, we celebrate it again in Sushi Tei on 4 November 2016. wohooo!

Cinderella Castle


"HAVE COURAGE AND BE KIND" Yes, that is the quote from Cinderella's Movie. And I like it so much. I used it for my motto in life, cause i think this is so true. 

Cinderella Castle is the fairy tale castle at the center of two Disney theme parks: the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort, and Tokyo Disneyland at the Tokyo Disney Resort. Both serve as worldwide recognized icons and the flagship attraction for their respective theme parks. 


Special Decorations Cinderella Castle at The Magic Kingdom has been temporarily re-decorated on a few occasions.

  1. First, is for Walt Disney World’s 25th anniversary celebration. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort on October 1, 1996, Imagineers transformed the front of Cinderella Castle into an 18-story "birthday cake"! Complete with red and pink "icing," giant candy canes and 26 glowing candles, the castle served as the centerpiece for the 15-month-long celebration. And I really really want to go to this time. It is designed by Walt Disney Entertainment Florida and later constructed by the Imagineers, this was no small undertaking. It took more than 400 US gallons (1,500 L) of pink paint to cover the castle, which was decorated with multicolored "sprinkles," 26 candles, ranging in height from 20–40 feet (6.1-12.2 m) tall, 16 two-foot (61 cm) long candy stars /yaay/, 16 five-foot (1.5 m) candy bears /nyaam/, 12 five-foot (1.5 m) gumdrops, four six-foot (1.8 m) stacks of Life Savers, 30 three-foot (91 cm) lollipops /woooww/, and 50 two-foot (61 cm) gumballs /yummy/. Additionally, more than 1000 feet (305 m) of pink and blue inflatable "icing" was needed to finish it off. But! on January 31, 1998, the castle was transformed back to its original state.
  2. Twend, the castle's most recent redecoration commemorated the Happiest Celebration on
    Earth in honor of Disneyland's 50th anniversary and was formally unveiled on May 5, 2005. The castle's exterior was adorned with polished gold trim and accents, swags, banners and tapestries. Golden statues of Disney animated characters were also added to the exterior, including Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Wendy circling the tallest spire. Other statues included Kaa and King Louie from The Jungle Book, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa from The Lion King, Sebastian and Flounder from The Little Mermaid, the Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland, and Victor, Hugo and Laverne from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Just above the front archway sat an enormous "stained-glass" mirror modeled after the magic mirror in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The mirror changed images every 40 seconds to feature each Disney castle and the date its park opened: Disneyland, 1955; the Magic Kingdom, 1971; Tokyo Disneyland, 1983; Disneyland Resort Paris, 1992; and Hong Kong Disneyland, 2005. The decorations were removed in late September 2006.
  3. On Nov 16, 2004, the castle was modified to appear as though it was strewn with toilet paper, and Stitch is King was posted on a turret as faux graffiti to mark the grand opening of Stitch's Great Escape! that day. The material was removed after the park closed that evening.


When thesun sets, the castles is illuminated by SGM Palco LED lighting fixtures places on different castle levels and surrounding areas, providing an effective range of 16.7 million colors. The castle itself plays a role in the Magic Kingdom's fireworks show, Wishes : A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams, in which it changes color in synchronization with the dramatic music of the display. The same color changing and effects occurs for the other fireworks shows: HalloWishes (in Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party); Magic, Music and Mayhem(during Disney's Pirate and Princess Party); and the Christmas fireworks show Holiday Wishes during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. The castle's projection mapping technology has been used in several night events, such as the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular.
At the park's closing, the nightly 'Kiss Goodnight' is performed, in which Roy O. Disney's dedication speech for the Magic Kingdom is played all over the park alongside classic Disney music which changes with the vivid colors of the castle. Even when the park closes before 11pm (23:00), the show is performed a second time at 11pm (23:00), providing entertainment for guests of Disney resort hotels bordering the Seven Seas Lagoon. Beginning November 2007, for the first time, the "Castle Dream Lights", with over 200,000 LED Christmas lights[4] (as Disneyland Paris has since 2004), covered Cinderella's Castle and was lit nightly during a new stage show in front of the castle. The castle looks similar to ice and is very popular among guests during the holiday season, the only time it is now used.



Inside the castle's archway, a series of five mosaic murals tells the story of Cinderella. Designed by Imagineer Dorothea Redmond and crafted and set in place by a team of six artists led by mosaicist Hanns-Joachim Scharff, the 15-by-10-foot (4.6 by 3.0 m) ornate panels are shaped in a Gothic arch. The murals took 22 months to complete and contain just over 300,000 pieces of Italian glass and rough smalti (glass made specifically for mosaics traditionally used by Italian craftsmen) in more than 500 colors. Many of the hand-cut tiles are fused with sterling silver and 14-karat (58 percent) gold, and some are as small as the head of a tack. Looking closely at these ornate murals, one will notice that each of Cinderella's wicked stepsisters appears with a little added color - one sister's face is clearly "red with anger", while the other is a little "green with envy" as they watch Cinderella try on the glass slipper.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

As of September 10, 2007, the castle is home to the "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique", first introduced at Downtown Disney. Inside, guests can receive a one-of-a-kind "princess transformation", which features a Disney Princess make-up, one of three hairstyles, a manicure, a sash, and/or a gown, crown, wand and shoes.
The King's Gallery, the former gift shop in this space, has moved to the Main Street Cinema on Main Street, U.S.A.

Cinderella Castle Suite

Inside the upper levels of Cinderella Castle, there is a suite that was intended to be an apartment for Walt Disney and his family when they were in Florida. After Walt died in 1966, the apartment was left unfinished. This space is not large, and can be compared to the size of a master bedroom and bathroom in an average house. The location of the suite can be identified from the outside by locating the stained glass windows with pictures in the center on the north and west sides of the castle, about 2/3 of the way up. The glass used contains many small, multi-faceted pieces, which slightly obscures the view of the park from inside the suite. The suite adjoins a sizable exterior balcony on the east side. The walls around this balcony are about 5 feet (1.5 m) high. This balcony affords views to the north, east, and south. The balcony is only accessible through an emergency exit and is not a guest area.
On June 7, 2005, it was announced by Disney that the suite would be completely decorated and upholstered as a 'royal bedchamber', which can sleep up to six people. It was available as a prize during the Year of a Million Dreams (2007) celebration taking place at all eleven Disney theme parks, and an overnight stay in the apartment was a prize randomly awarded to a guest at the four Walt Disney World theme parks and Downtown Disney.
Disney describes the apartment this way in their official press release:
Cinderella's Castle Suite is four stories above the surrounding Magic Kingdom -- a salon, bedchamber and bathroom off of a private marble-floored foyer, all replete with rich details:
Fluffy feather comforters beneath the regal canopy draping of two queen beds ... A cut-stone bedchamber floor inspired by the mosaic art masterpiece that adorns the castle's breezeway entrance to Fantasyland ... A parlor sofa that invites kicking off the shoes and curling up to read a chapter beneath the richly detailed vaulted ceiling of the salon ... Familiar castle-gray stone walls, rich hardwood paneling and ornate stained-glass windows.
In the foyer of the suite, guests will discover a design of the fairytale pumpkin coach in the marble floor inlay. A memorable artifact from the story, the famous glass slipper, adorns a cove. And through the doorway, the bedchamber and salon are appointed with furnishings in the style of the era of "the Louies," as Silvestri refers to the French rulers of the period inspiring the castle and Cinderella story. Nooks showcase clocks, porcelain and accessories befitting the period. Doors are richly detailed; the walls are covered with wood panels and wall coverings. In the bathroom, hand-decorated copper basins sit atop the vanity, recalling a time when fresh water was carried to the bedchamber.
Despite all the careful attention to centuries-old details, the amenities of the Cinderella's Castle Suite are definitely 21st century. There's a lavish garden tub plus a shower. There are also wheelchair accessible bathroom and bedroom facilities and elevator access to the suite. As for an ornately framed, 17th-century-style portrait of Cinderella above a regal fireplace in the bedchamber: it magically changes into a modern, 21st-century flat-screen HDTV. Also in the den there is a mirror, but can be turned on to reveal another flat-screen.

Cinderella's Royal Table

Cinderella's Royal Table, formerly known as King Stefan's Banquet Hall, is a restaurant inside the castle. Located on the second floor, guests can take the circular stairway or the elevator to the restaurant, where children are referred to as princes and princesses, while the adults in the party are referred to as lords and ladies. Walt Disney Imagineers had originally wanted to give the restaurant a regal name, and since there are no well-known characters from "Cinderella" that met their criteria, they instead took a little dramatic license and chose the name of Sleeping Beauty's father, King Stefan. The name was changed on April 28, 1997, in order not to confuse tourists. The restaurant is decorated not only with a number of stained glass windows and medieval objects, but with more than forty coats of arms. Each of these is an actual family seal, and represent some of the many people that played a major role in the design and construction of Walt Disney World, including Roger Broggie, Sr. (Imagineer and railroad aficionado who aided in the design of many attractions), Marc Davis (animator and theme park designer), Roy O. Disney (Walt's brother), John Hench (who designed the castle), Diane Disney Miller (Walt's daughter), Dick Nunis (former Chairman of Walt Disney Attractions), and Marty Sklar (Imagineering vice chairman and principal creative executive who worked alongside Walt Disney).
Cinderella's Royal Table is also the location of "Fairytale Dining at Cinderella's Royal Table." At breakfast, lunch and dinner Cinderella greets all guests in the castle foyer, and during the meal classic Disney princesses circulate among the tables.[7]

Cinderella's Fairy Tale Hall (Tokyo Disneyland)

Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall is located in the castle where Cinderella lives with Prince Charming. Cinderella, wanting to share her magical princess story, decided to open up the castle even during her absence and exhibit various artworks that show scenes from her story. At the lobby and corridor, guests will find eight murals showing how Cinderella changed from beloved daughter, to servant girl, and then to Princess. They will also see a diorama of Cinderella magically transformed into wearing a beautiful ball gown, and other artworks made from various materials such as paper, wood and glass. In the Grand Hall guests will find a magnificent chandelier, the renowned glass slipper, a throne, and special paintings that reveal a magical message when photographed using a flash.

Flight regulations (Walt Disney World)

By keeping the height of the castle's spire under 200 feet (61 m) tall, the castle at Walt Disney World was able to avoid Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations that would require flashing aircraft warning lights at the top.[8] (The two taller attractions at Walt Disney World, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest, top out at 199 feet to avoid this requirement as well.)
As a result of the September 11 attacks in 2001, amid concerns that general aviation could pose a threat to public safety, the FAA placed a permanent Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) over the entire Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The flight restriction extends outward from an island near the Contemporary Resort(28°24′45″N 81°34′20″W) at a radius of 3 nautical miles (5.6 km; 3.5 mi) up to 3,000 feet (910 m) above the ground level surface. Cinderella's Castle is used as a visual reference. Law enforcement and Walt Disney World Cessna 172 aircraft, however, are exempt from this TFR.[9]

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